Delivered pizza to makeupbyleinabaaaby today. No joke.

delivery driver pet peeves

  • if you can’t afford to tip your pizza delivery driver maybe you should come pick it up yourself
  • don’t have your kids give me the money and not explain what a tip is so i get to watch the little turd put it in his pocket like “oh mom, so stupid, can’t count”
  • don’t not tip me then ask if we’re hiring
  • don’t ask me how much money i make when i deliver your pizza
  • don’t get mad when i don’t have change for a hundred, you really think i carry $80 in change on me???
  • if you’re in an apartment complex don’t let me get there and see that i need a gate code so i have to call you while somebody’s getting pissed behind me
  • uhm don’t go run errands after you order a pizza??? i’m not going to wait for you to get back
  • don’t get mad at me for not bringing you a paper receipt for a cash order
  • if you pay with a credit card DON’T have your kids meet me at the door. i need to see the card and your id. and no don’t send the cards down with your kid, i have no idea what you look like.
  • please don’t ask me 900 questions about my life/tattoo whatever. i don’t really have time to hear about what tattoos you want. (i don’t mind oh yeah i hella want a *blank* while taking your pizza or signing your receipt but please don’t tell me the 10 tattoo ideas you have and the stories behind them as i’m inching away)
  • don’t say sorry when writing a zero with a dash through it on the tip line when i deliver to you once a week. it’s more irritating than not tipping. ‘cause you’ve never tipped me and you’re not sorry.
  • i’m not comfortable coming into your home (especially if you’re male), i already drove the damn pizza here you can put it on the counter.

i’m sure there’s more but today was just awful. so i must bitch.

applying for my first apartment! super excited/nervous

awful stomach ache but still really want in n out ???

i’m still doing the reviews on the korean skincare and what not

today was just filled with me trying to figure out how to get a new phone as my screen is cracked and having a phone with gps is pretty much necessary for work (domino’s delivery driver what what) 

finding something really cute and then seeing it has gold hardware on it :(

using the at&t chat thing is so awkward omg

My stuff did get here today!!! (only took about 6 days to get it here from South Korea!) and I didn’t even pay for express shipping or whatever. Or any shipping for that matter. 

I have played around with some stuff and I’ve definitely liked everything I’ve tried (especially the Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion BB Cream! I like it wayyyy more than my Nars Sheer Glow).

I’ll probably start working on writing some first impression reviews sometime this week and post them (and pictures) on Thursday (my day off).

I definitely want to do a comparison post between the Holika Holika Soda Pore BB Cleansing Oil and the Garnier Nourishing Cleansing Oil for dry skin.

The amount of samples I got were insane! I got so many little ones as well as a full sized Tonymoly lip tint and big sample of a green tea cleansing foam. Which I also plan to post about. 

Super excited to try everything else!

my stuff has already made it to san francisco! maybe i’ll get it tomorrow?!?!

useyourcharm replied to your post:

I want to know about that wonder water! Need things for my dry skin.

I feel it! I’ll definitely post a review of it! (And everything else I review will be catered to how it affected my dry skin obviously lol)

useyourcharm replied to your photoset
what’s that cats wink thing? it’s cuteeee. can’t wait until I’m not poor.

it’s just a face powder! I plan to use it over foundation/bb cream.

One of the worst things about working is I can’t wear nail polish :( and of course I got this job after I became super into long nails and painting/decorating my nails every 2 days. 

Oh! I also bought this cleansing foam from my local 99 Ranch this week! 

If you have dry skin and cleansing foams just dry out your skin, give this one a try! I have dry skin and just used this one this morning after I woke up and my skin just feels clean! Not tight and dry.