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Shaving Your Pubic Hair


Okay I know I haven’t been posting very often as I have no internet but this is something very important that needs to be shared with all.

I know it’s an odd topic but I have gotten questions regarding shaving pubic hair. Plus I’m sure there are a couple of you out there who are too shy to ask or just deal with the lackluster method you have so I thought it may be helpful.

As a woman, you’ve probably attempted to shave your lady bits at least once. It’s an awful experience filled with razor burn and itchiness.

(Men could do this too!)

Until an hour ago I had still not mastered it.

So if you are a first time shaver or are just tired of little red bumps and itchiness continue on~

DISCLAIMERS: Do not put anything mentioned below too close or in your vagina! We don’t want infections there!

This post isn’t encouraging women and men to shave. I don’t care what you have going on down there. Full bush? Bomb. Just trimmed? Awesome. Completely bald? Sweet. Pubic hair in designs? Cool.

Don’t feel like you need to shave. For whatever reason. Boyfriend pressuring you all while his junk has a beard and side burns? Fuck that.

Do whatchu want with your lovely lady hair.

This is for people who want to shave but are having issues.

STEP ONE: Exfoliate! I wouldn’t necessarily recommend face exfoliants (possibly too harsh but who knows) or sugar scrubs (eek yeast infections!!).

Something like an exfoliating washcloth (salux cloths???) or glove would work as well as a gentle loofah.

STEP TWO: Rub on some baby oil! It  makes the hair and skin extremely soft and smooth for shaving!

STEP THREE: Shave (I go against the way my hair grows for the closet shave) with a men’s razor and men’s.moisturizing shaving cream. Try and pull the skin as taut as you can.

Men’s razors are better than women’s in my personal opinion. And men’s shaving creams are usually meant for the face to they’re great for sensitive skin ‘cause they’re gentle.

STEP FOUR: Dab on some rubbing alcohol (or I’ve heard of using witch hazel). It sounds crazy but it helps kill bacteria and helps pores close. Do not apply anywhere other than the pubis and bikini line. Putting this near your vagina is no good.

It may burn a little bit if you have some little cuts but it goes away pretty quickly. Or if you wanted, you could use a blow dryer on cool to speed things up.

STEP FIVE: Liberally apply some unscented deodorant (Dove’s works best). Again don’t be putting anything in or too close to your vagina. This helps prevent razor burn and chaffing (bikini line anyone!!!).

And your done! You now have a super smooth nether region!

If you wanna let me know how this  works for you, go for it!

Also if you need clarification or have any questions, feel free to ask.

Hopefully this was helpful!  :3


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